Part of the signing ceremony of a national steel industries company

September 2023

PIF, SABIC and Rajhi Invest Announce National Champion in the Saudi Arabian Steel Industry

September 2023

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has today on the 3rd of September announced the signing of a share purchase agreement to acquire a 100% shareholding in the Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed) from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). Based on a cross-conditional share exchange agreement, Hadeed will also acquire a 100% shareholding in AlRajhi Steel Industries Company (Rajhi Steel) from Mohammed Abdulaziz AlRajhi & Sons Investment Company (Rajhi Invest), in exchange for newly issued shares in Hadeed.


Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi & Sons Investment Company, Dividend Capital, and several investors established the “Food District Company” to invest in the restaurant sector.

April 2022

An agreement between Al-Rajhi Investment Group and Dividend Gate Capital, in partnership with a number of companies, includes the establishment of the "Food District" company to invest in the restaurant sector through acquisition and incorporation.


Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Investment Company joins the Light House platform with investments of EGP 75m.

November 2021

Engineer Hossam El-Kabbani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lighthouse platform, one of the pioneers in managing and establishing schools and one of the founders of Orman Schools, said in a statement issued today, Sunday, that the joining of one of the most important regional companies to the educational


"Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Investment Company" and "Asas Makeen" sign a cooperation agreement to construct housing units as a contribution to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030

November 2021

Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Investment Company signed a real estate development agreement with Asas Makin Company for Real Estate Development and Investment, in order to implement and build a number of housing units in the capital, Riyadh. Bin Saud Al-Hadlaq.


Voco Hotel Al Khobar (one of the latest IHG Hotels) launches its operation in KSA

December 2019

With the grace and success of God, Voco Hotel Al Khobar (one of the IHG Hotels) has launched over an opening ceremony that was honored by the attendance of the members of the Board of Directors of Mohammed Abdulaziz AlRajhi and Sons Investment Company. Voco Hotel Al Khobar is categorized as a five-star hotels with a spectacular ambience as known about it, and it is topped by the premium world-class service, based on the highest levels of quality control in its operation.

Voco Hotel Al Khobar is comprised of 130 rooms and suites, including a variety of outlets and facilities, that consists of a sports club for males and females, with a charming pool, as well as a range of fine-dining restaurants. The hotel is located strategically nearby Dammam airport, and it is considered as a destination for families, individuals, and corporate sectors, wherein all guests can enjoy the highest levels of luxury and outstanding service throughout all the hotel outlets.

Rajhi Invest Ranks No. 35 Among the Top 100 Companies in Saudi Arabia

December 2019

After achieving the 36th ranking among the top Saudi companies in 2018, Rajhi Invest crowns its continuous success by exceeding its position to rank today in the 35th position among the top 100 Saudi Companies for the year 2019.

The company's awarded ranking relies on an assessment criteria between the public listed companies and others, in which all were evaluated based on sizes of income, assets, capitals, and shareholders' shares.


Rajhi invest Company Explores Investment Opportunities with Saudi Aramco

14 November 2019

Within the framework of joint cooperation and business opportunities, Mohammed Abdul Aziz Rajhi & Sons Investment Company has assigned a delegation to visit Saudi Aramco and explore investment opportunities, wherein this delegation was composed of Mr. Yazid Bin Mohammed Rajhi, Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Bader Bin Mohammed Rajhi, Deputy Chairman along with Mr. Meshaal bin Ibrahim bin Omairah, the CEO and Member of Board of Directors. The delegation visited Aramco’s facilities and met with Eng. Amin Al-Nasser, Aramco’s CEO, and discussed possible collaboration methods and upcoming relations between the two companies.

Badr Al-Rajhi to “Arqaam”: Stocks of construction companies have a great future

October 2019

Badr Bin Mohammad Al-Rajhi, Chairman of Manafea Investment (a subsidiary of Mohammad Abdul Aziz Rajhi & Sons Investment), said to Argaam that stocks of companies which generate returns in the cement, steel or other construction-related sector will have a promising future.

Al-Rajhi also mentioned in his interview with Argaam during his presence in the Forum of Future Investment held in Riyadh, that these companies met very tough challenges, because they embraced idle forces that do not cope with the desired production capacity, yet this situation will not continue as Al-Rajhi said, as we will witness a significant breakthrough soon which will greatly help companies in growing their profits and stock values.

Furthermore he added, it is true that some stocks have started to rise slightly, but the risk remains available in the stocks of non-profitable companies with unfortunate history even if it had a long track record of 20 years, and I think it will be difficult for similar companies to survive, as it may collapse upon the entry of new companies to the financial market as they are expected to achieve returns and distribute profits."

About Manafea Investment Company, Al-Rajhi explained that the company's real estate portfolio is diversified in the industrial, real estate and hotel sectors, adding that it intends to focus on the tourism and leisure sector in line with the government’s vision.


Mohammad Abdulaziz Rajhi Investment's First Subsidiary Appreciation Event

2 May 2019

Mohammad AbdulAziz Rajhi & Sons Co. held an appreciation event in honour of its distinguished subsidiaries, to recognize their efforts during the year 2018.

The company’s Chairman, Mr. Yazid Bin Mohamed Rajhi, expressed his deep gratitude and encouraged further productivity and dedication from the subsidiaries, mentioning that Rajhi Invest Company is the first of its kind in holding such an event which highlights efforts and entices them to grow stronger.

Mr. Badr Bin Mohamed Rajhi, Subsidiaries’ Chairman & Rajhi Invest Board Vice Chairman, also expressed his admiration towards this meaningful gesture held by Rajhi Invest’s Chairman and board members based on notable performance indicators of the subsidiaries in various fields and sectors, and thanked them all.

In conclusion of the event, trophies were distributed and commemorative photographs were taken.

Rajhi Invest Signs Agreement with IHG to Operate 4 and 5 Star Hotels in the Eastern Region.

December 19th, 2018

Mohammad AbdulAziz Rajhi & Sons Co. signed a partnership agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group to launch and operate VOCO InterContinental Hotel and Holiday Inn in the city of Khobar.
VOCO InterContinental Hotel will be the first of its chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Holiday Inn Khobar will be the largest hotel in the Eastern region.

Both hotels are situated in the city of Khobar, home to the petroleum industry and petrochemistry in the Kingdom. It is the city that over the past years has been transformed by expats and locals to form an integral commercial point due to its unique location of overlooking the sea, making it an attractive spot for local tourists looking for a perfect weekend getaway within the Kingdom.

Mr. Badr Bin Mohamed Rajhi, the Board Vice Chairman of Rajhi Invest, signed the agreement with Mr Pascal Jovin, CEO of IHG in India and the MENA region, amidst a celebratory event held in the Kingdom and attended by Saudi Arabia’s finest elite of businessmen.
VOCO InterContinental Hotel is scheduled to open its gates within the year 2019, providing 5 star services to its guests in a charming atmosphere stamped with its signature of unparalleled service and quality standards. It is comprised of 123 rooms and suites and guest facilities including a fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool, alongside 2 distinct restaurants. VOCO also looks after its businessmen guests by providing them an elegant business center and 14 meeting rooms.

Holiday Inn Khobar, set to launch in 2020 in a strategic location, is the prime destination for travellers of both the business and pleasure purposes.
Guests will enjoy a fully equipped fitness center, swimming pool, and up to 4000m2 area designated for meeting and events, catering to the needs of corporations and business travellers. This hotel is comprised of 370 rooms and suites.

“This period of time is considered highly important in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Mr. Badr expressed, “as we are witnessing a rapid major change in the tourism scene. It is our absolute pleasure to unify our efforts with IHG, which already possesses a strong heritage in KSA, to make use of the growth opportunities that Vision2030 is offering, especially in the field of four and five star hotels.”

Mr. Badr also emphasied on the importance of this agreement which will enable the company to manage and operate the largest and most premium hotels in the Eastern region, pointing out to their strategic locations which are considered one of the success factors of the properties.

Mr. Jovin expressed his pride in having established this agreemnt with Rajhi Invest, since it is the leader in hospitality investment for over 5 decades, asserting that this is the starting point that will pave the path for future collaborative agreements.

Rajhi invest
Mohammad AbdulAzizRajhi & Sons Co. manages a number of leading projects that are fundamental in the economic system of Saudi Arabia. Rajhi invest aims to benefit from its industry expertise and large managerial infrastructure in managing mega projects and develop new opportunities in the health, services, real estate, industrial and hospitality sectors.

InterContinental Hotels Group
IHG is a pioneer in the premium hospitality sector, currently operating 88 properties through 5 brands in the Middle East including InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites. 30 hotels are currently undergoing construction and are scheduled to launch within the coming 3 to 5 years.

Rajhi Invest Honors Former Members of Boards & Committees.

October 2018

Rajhi Invest held a celebratory event at Movenpick Hotel - Riyadh, honoring its former board members in appreciation to their sincere efforts and hard work that contributed in enriching the journey of the company.

Board Chairman, Mr. Yazid Bin Mohammed Abdulaziz Alrajhi, expressed his deep gratitude and positive recognition to the former members of boards & committees and to the general audience alike in this ceremony that celebrated loyalty and dedication.

Sincere gratitude and praise goes out to each and every former member for all their fruitful actions that helped in flourishing the company and expanding its progress.

To commemorate the event, the ceremony was concluded with a segment of handing out memorial shields and capturing memorable photos.

Mohammad Abdulaziz ALRajhi Launches Manafea Investment in-line with Vision 2030

September 2017

Mohammad Abdulaziz ALRajhi has always portrayed its success journey by maintaining the rich business diversification in various industry sectors and conducting new investment opportunities too. The company’s CEO Mr. Mohamed Bin Saad Bin Dawood, has declared that Mohammad Abdulaziz ALRajhi is in the process of segregating its investments portfolio under a new independent subsidiary, it will be “ Manafea Investment”. It has been also reported that Manafea Investment will be commencing its activity on the 1st of October 2017 as a Limited Liability company, which will be responsible for managing the investments portfolio of Mohammad Abdulaziz ALRajhi. The company will be in charge for the present spectrum of businesses in Real Estate, Hospitality, Private Equity, and Stock market, as well as the future businesses in different sectors, such as, not limited to, Health Care, Education, and food industry. Mohammad Abdulaziz ALRajhi has adopted this new business strategy to empower its Corporate Governance and pave the path for more growth and achievements in-line with vision 2030.

Mr. Mohamed Bin Saad Bin Dawood (Chairman of the new company) has also stated that “Manafea Investment” has appointed Mr. Ali Abdulrahman Al Gwaiz as a CEO, to utilize his superb knowledge in the investment field; with 10 years of experience as a CEO for Riyadh Capital, plus 12 years at Samba Capital, and 10 years at the Saudi Industrial Fund. Al Gwaiz is a Bachelor in Business Management from Portland University, and he possesses multiple international certificates from renowned global organizations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Harvard University, and Ensyd institution. Mr. Mohamed Bin Saad Bin Dawood concluded his word by wishing Manafea Investment all the best of luck and achievement under the management of its CEO Mr. Ali Abdulrahman Al Gwaiz.

Featuring a highlight for the word of Rajhi Invest CEO in his interview with Al Arabiya

March 2017

Bin Dawood: Rajhi Invest….More than half a decade has been invested in nourishing the Saudi Economy

June 2016

One of the leading publications Alsina’a w Altijarah magazine has recently conducted an interview with Alraji Invest CEO, Mr. Mohamed Bin Dawood, who demonstrated an overview about the company business lines, and reported his key resolutions for the future plan of Rajhi Invest as well as the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.