Who We Are

Rajhi Invest is one of the largest and most dynamic investment and industrial groups in Saudi Arabia, founded more than 60 years ago by the late Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Rajhi.

Our strategic focus encompasses various sectors through managing a group of pioneering and significant investments in a very well-diversified portfolio of local and international assets, varying from financial investments, steel production, water bottling, gypsum, plastic products, white goods, hospitality, real estate, education, food and beverages and more.

Our ultimate objective is to achieve sustainable financial balance, foster capital growth, and generate profits while upholding Sharia Principles and positively impacting the Kingdom's economic landscape.

We pridefully oversee a diverse portfolio of pioneering projects integral to the Kingdom's economic development.

Driven by our commitment to continuous improvement and expansion, we have experienced consistent growth year after year, which has been further fueled over the last few years by the well-crafted 2030 vision, where the Kingdom's economy soared exponentially. Read More


Achieving an optimum and continuous outcome to the total investment within well-thought out risks in order to accomplish the aspirations of the shareholders in accordance with Islamic Shari'a.


To be in the ranks of the pioneers of investment companies and to achieve profitability and growth rates on property rights that outperform the investment indices in the market.


Integrity & Transparency

Team-spirit & Collaboration

Progressive & Fast-forward

Operational Excellence

Shariah compliance

Mr. Yazeed Bin Mohamed Al-Rajhi - Board Chairman


The effective policies followed by Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi & Sons for investment (Rajhi-Invest) help the company to enhance its return of investment. The major dynamic role of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the business all over the world create dynamic investment environment where the management of Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi & Sons for investment (Rajhi-Invest) benefits from the environment to develop and expand their investment activities to achieve the objectives and satisfy its shareholders. The company will get strong support through the provision of new investment products to benefit from the latest developments in the financial, real estate, Hotel and industrial projects. All of these factors play an important role in attracting the best human resources and maintaining required to make Rajhi powerful and innovative investment climate.

We strongly believe in the mission and vision of the company and we have confidence in our ability to provide the necessary foundation for growth

Mr. Yazeed Bin Mohamed Al-Rajhi

Board Chairman

Chairman and board member of several industrial, real estate, investment and commercial companies. He has extensive experience during which he held several leadership positions in the industrial field, investment and real estate as well as representing Saudi Arabia as an ambassador of goodwill by the international organizations.

Mr. Badr Bin Mohamed Al-Rajhi

Managing Director & Board Vice Chairman

With more than twenty-five years of experience, during which he held several leadership positions in the administrative, industrial, investment, and real estate areas of business. He was a board member of joint-stock companies, in addition to his contributions in many projects and charitable endowments management, as well as membership of the economic and industrial committees in Saudi Arabia, moreover a board member of Alrajhi Bank.

Mr. Mohamed Bin Saad Bin Dawood

Board Member

Has the expertise for more than 20 years in the banking industry and investment, during which he held many leading positions in Saudi banks, he served as a board’s member of several investment companies, in addition to his practical experience of local and global financial markets.

Mr. Majed Bin Saleh Mohamed Al-Rajhi

Board Member

Majid Bin Saleh Mohamed Al-Rajhi is an MBA holder from London Business School, alongside a BS degree in Finance from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. He enriched his wealth of knowledge in the finance sector from over thirteen years of extensive expertise in the corporate finance and accounting fields, after holding multiple leadership positions in the Kingdom’s finance sector, wherein his current position is the deputy General Manager of the Private & Affluent Banking at Alrajhi Bank., as well as an active Board Member at Mohammed Abdulaziz Alrajhi & Sons Investment Company.

Mr. Abdel Aziz Bin Mohamed Al-Rajhi

Board Member

Has more than ten years experience in the management of industrial companies, moreover he serve as a board member of many industerial companies.

Mr. Mohamed El Samman


Joined the group in May 2021 as CEO, with more than 17 years of diverse Banking & Investment experience and track record in excess of USD 3 billion. Prior to joining the group, he was the managing director for Beltone Investment Banking, he started his career with HSBC Bank, in Corporate Banking and Investment Banking, then he joined Al Ahly Capital Holding, where his last position was Executive Director of investments, managing multibillion assets, he also served as Deputy CEO for Al Ahly Medical services, He served on the board of directors and committees of many listed and private companies. Mr. El Samman Holds BA in accounting from Cairo University, CFA designation, Private Equity master class from LBS.